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Are you interested in a trusted & effective affiliate to promote your Website or Google Ad Store?


We can help you advertise targeted through Google Ads & gain customers. Promote your products and services online to the right audience.

Google Ads is one of the most effective ways to advertise online, as it promotes your products and services to potential customers at the most critical moment. The moment they actively seek what you provide. This is why it is called targeted advertising.

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Targeting New Customers

Your ad is targeted to your potential customers, based on criteria such as their location, interests, and keywords that they search for just when they need it.


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Billing Determination

The charge follows the PPC (Pay Per Click) model, ie you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. So, you can customize your investment according to the needs of your business!

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Measurable Results

The performance of your ad is obvious from the very first days and is reflected in numbers. These numbers translate directly to clicks, phones, sales or your own personalized goal.

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It's easy for someone to create ads on Google Ads but hard to make them perform!

The cost and performance of Google Ads depends on how targeted they are. Poor setup leads to lost money, lost time and lost opportunity to bring more customers to your business.

If you already have Google Ads campaigns, we can check them out and suggest improvements. Only if we believe we can bring you great improvement will we suggest rebuilding them.

We can identify key design errors and see if we can reduce cost-per-click, which means you will have more customers at the same cost.

What opportunities does advertising on Google give me?

Πλεονεκτήματα από το Google Ads
  • Increase your customers by promoting your business to users as they actively search Google for your products or services.
  • Promote your business to a large number of users while browsing the internet, thus increasing its recognition. 
  • Reach potential customers when they watch or search YouTube videos about your products or services. 
  • Increase your e-shop sales by promoting your products with photos & prices at the top of Google results.
  • Target audiences as they use content through Google Partners or Apps and thus create the demand for your products. 
  • Re-target your website visitors who did not become your customers, giving you a second chance to win them.

Benefits of Google Ads

Stop spending money unfairly on advertising that does not pay off.

Advertising on Google allows us to find out with great precision who the audience really cares about and who the buyers are.

Full transparency. Through Google Ads and the reports we create for our Customers, you can have instant information and make strategic decisions based on real data (data-driven decisions).

Strengthen your Brand by utilizing not only Google Search, but also advertising on popular Sites, Youtube, Mobile applications and more.

Costs that you control based on your needs and goals. We ensure that Google Ads advertising is converted from passive output to enjoyable investment for your business.

Πλεονεκτήματα από το Google Ads


Knowing that every business has different needs and goals, before we undertake your advertising, we look at factors that affect its performance.


We list the goals and needs you want to meet with your Google advertising campaign.


We examine the factors that affect the performance of each advertising campaign such as keyword targeting, your website, competition, etc.


We design the best strategy for promoting your business and estimate the Budget / Investment you will need for each goal separately.


Set up your advertising account, create Google Ads ads personalized for your business, and get started right away!


We monitor, optimize and inform you on a regular basis through reporting on the performance of your ads.

Why to choose us for your Google Ads Management?

Γιατί να επιλέξετε εμάς για τη διαφήμισή σας στη Google
  • Utilizing our experience, knowledge and expertise in promoting businesses on Google, we create personalized campaigns according to the needs of your business in order to increase the return on the money you invest.

  • We apply proven practices for each industry, which ensure the best performance of each campaign.

  • We save you time by fully undertaking your advertising ensuring the best performance in your campaigns.

  • We carry out a personalized advertising strategy for your business

  • We provide regular and Realtime reporting on the progress of your ads

  • With specialized partners in Greece and many other countries, we guarantee that we will bring you a substantial result depending on the individual needs of your business in all areas that interest you.